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3D Flying Pterodactyl KITE

$120.00 $150.00
  • Brand: X-KITE
  • Product Code: CSK461
  • Availability: In Stock
Little Pterodactyl KITE-3d dragon kite

Unbelievable performance 
Rubber Band and Weight Included!

Sail Material: Nylon
Airframe: Fiberglass
Body: DieCut PVC
Age Rating: 8 to Adult

Shocking LAUNCH

Kite Size 120cm (H) X 140cm (W)
Packaging Bag packaging about 70cm
Weight 120g
Material Fade/Weather Resistant Ripstop Nylon
Craftwork Fiberglass Rods
Flying performance Wings to the greatest degree of imitation pterosaurs, vivid shape
Special Shape realistic, good texture

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