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Regulation of kite-flying

According to Article 70(1) of the Air Navigation (Hong Kong) Order 1995, except with special permission, a kite shall not be flown within five kilometres of an aerodrome within Hong Kong to ensure flight safety. Also, a kite shall not be flown at a height of more than 60 metres above ground level or within 60 metres of any vessel, vehicle or structure. Article 48 of the Order stipulates that no person shall recklessly or negligently operate a kite, regardless of its type, weight or size, to endanger any person or property. Offenders will face a maximum fine of $5,000 on summary conviction. Apart from the above regulations, when flying a large kite weighing more than two kilogrammes, the operator shall comply with the other more stringent relevant provisions of the Order, including the provision that such kites shall not jeopardise other aircraft and that while such kites are flying at night at a height exceeding 60 metres above the surface, they shall display lights.

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