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At CS Kites, our business philosophy is to use kites as a medium to provide quality outdoor activities for families, children and families, and through kite sports, everyone can feel the joy and freedom of flying. Whether it is a single-line kite, large, medium and small kite, or DIY kite, traditional kite, sport kite, double-line kite, stunt kite, 3D kite, we are committed to providing a diverse range of products to meet the needs of different kite lovers. 

Support traditional crafts and feel the joy of flying

We know that kites are not only a tool for entertainment, but also the crystallization of traditional craftsmanship. We support and promote traditional kites so that people can fly them while experiencing the culture and history contained in them. In addition, we offer kite bags, hand reels, kite strings and kite-specific accessories to ensure you have the best experience when flying your kite. 

Share and grow

At CS Kites, we're happy to share and discuss the fun, how-tos and tricks of kite flying. We believe that kite sports is not only an outdoor activity, but also a platform for families to reunite and grow together. Every year, we find ways to introduce new products and innovative ideas that people will continue to love playing with kites and discover new ways to enjoy it. 

An international kite community

Visitors from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, India, Russia, Australia, Japan, South Korea and more, bring their children to choose their favorite kite. Due to different cultural backgrounds, environmental geography and weather, kite enthusiasts from country to country will also have different styles and materials to choose from. This diverse selection and exchange not only brings the fun of kiteing, but also gives us the opportunity to share kite culture with friends from all over the world, discuss and learn together. 

We look forward to your participation

We welcome your ideas and comments, and we look forward to hearing from you about how we can make kite sports more fun and enriching. Let's fly kites and fly dreams together! 

CS Kites looks forward to working with you to bring more joy and memories through kite sports. Feel free to contact us to share your thoughts and experiences. 


My Journey to Introduce My Daughter to the World of Kite-Flying

As a father of an 8-year-old daughter, I'm sure I'm not alone in the struggle to balance screen time with outdoor activities. Like many parents, I've been guilty of letting my daughter spend too much time on her phone or iPad, watching videos or playing games. But as she approached her pre-teen years, I realized that something had to change.

The Turning Point: A School Trip to Remember

It wasn't until we went on a school trip to a grassland where she had the opportunity to fly a kite that things changed. With the help of her classmates, she finally succeeded in flying a kite, feeling proud and accomplished. If it weren't for that activity, she would have just stayed on her phone or iPad, refusing to run around or make new friends.

The Hidden Benefits of Kite-Flying

Through kite-flying, I realized that it's not just about throwing a kite into the air; it requires understanding the kite's design, wind direction, and environmental conditions. It demands strategy, patience, and perseverance. As I saw my daughter's transformation, I had a change of heart about kite-flying. I discovered its cultural significance, the art of kite design, and the craftsmanship that goes into creating these beautiful machines.

The Birth of CS Kites: A Mission to Promote Kite-Flying in Hong Kong

During that trip, I met people from different nationalities, including India and Southeast Asia, all united by the joy of kite-flying. That journey inspired me to start CS Kites, with the mission to popularize and develop kite-flying in Hong Kong.

Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success

Initially, promoting and selling kites was a challenge. We faced limited playing areas, and many children were hesitant to try kite-flying. But with persistence and dedication, we managed to introduce new kite designs and concepts, slowly winning over the hearts of our customers.

Today's Success: A Vibrant Kite Shop in Hong Kong

Today, CS Kites has over 100 types of kites, attracting visitors from around the world. Whether it's sunny or rainy, people come to buy kites as souvenirs or gifts. Parents bring their children to see the kites, couples buy them as a romantic gesture, and we've even had media coverage. CS Kites has become a vibrant kite shop in Hong Kong, thanks to the power of kite-flying

Unleash your Spirit, Fly High with CS Kites

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