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Mainly engaged in the retail and wholesale of kites, including large, medium, small, and sports kites. It provides high-quality kite sports information and kite supplies selection for parents, children, and family entertainment.

Support traditional craftsmanship and feel the joy of Kite flying

Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 8:00pm

Public Holidays:      10am  - 7pm

Sundays: Closed

Tel: 6174 1284

E-mail: [email protected]


Co-founder & Kite quality checker, JACK MAK

Handling customer service 

Kite quality check

Import and intoduce more fung and creative kite

promote kite flying to general public

Also expert in printing and design 

I likes playing sport, flying kite, swimming, hiking, sharing love and fun with people. I can handle and settle matter.
If you encount any enquiry about flying kite, 
welcome to contact ME.


- One of Co-founder

- IT and technical support

General Customer Service and support

I like playing sport and listening from you. Kite flying bring us together, it is interesting

CS Kites Development journal

with Hong kong

2015 year 

we introduce Goldfish kite, delta kite, Rainbow Kite, box kite

2018 year 

we introduce parafoil kite, Frameless kite, soft kite includes: snake, octopus, dophine, human leg...

2020-2023 year 

Local people likes hiking and playing kites the most, so it reach the peak period. 

we introduce blank kite, DIY kite also good idea for kids drawing and writing text on it. it is flying kite.

Dragon kite, butterfly kite, delta kite, mini kite (fishing kite). 

We keep enthusiasm to kite flying and share kite story with you. We believe Kites bring fun and joy, enhance human relation and society happiness. 

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